The Key Laboratory for High Strength Lightweight Metallic Materials of Shandong Province was established in 2015. the Laboratory has a laboratory area of 3000 square meters. It is composed of Material calculation and simulation laboratory, Alloy composition designing laboratory, Heat treatment laboratory, Materials processing laboratory, Powder Metallurgy laboratory, Surface treatment laboratory, Welding Laboratory, Microstructure analysis and performance testing laboratories. There are over 30 researchers, including two Taishan Fund Scholar of Shandong province: Professor Yuansheng Yang and Professor Qingyou Han (FEF Key professor of Purdue University) 

Projects in research

The platform undertakes and precipitates more than 30 national or province projects, including National Key Technology R&D Program of China,Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province and Jinan Technology Star Projects of Shandong Province, etc. 

The present researches mainly focus on magnesium alloy the electric bus lightweight, high density magnesium alloy die-casting technology, magnesium alloy automotive piston composition designing, aluminum alloy outfield processing technology, etc. 

Engineering Lab

Product preparation equipment: 630T die-casting machine, 400T vacuum die casting machine (FONDAREX vacuum die casting system), 800T dual action extrusion press, Semi-continuous casting equipment, Low pressure casting equipment, Welding equipment, 200T presses, Magnesium alloy smelting furnaces, Heat treatment furnaces.

Surface treatment equipment: Integrated micro-arc oxidation and electrophoresis equipment, Salt spray chamber, Electrochemical workstation, CVD

Microstructure analysis equipment: SEM (EDS, EBSD), DSC\TG synchronization thermal analyzer, PDA-7000 Direct reading spectrometer 

Zeiss optical microscopes, Stereo microscopes, High temperature metallurgical microscope

Mechanical performance tests: Electronic universal testing machine, Fatigue testing machine, Friction and wear tester, Low temperature impact testing machine, Thermal expansion coefficient tester, Sclerometer .

Computer simulation: Thermo-Calc alloy designing software, Anycasting molding simulation software system, VASP.