Experimental Equipment
Experimental Equipment

Product preparation equipment: 630T die-casting machine, 400T vacuum die casting machine (FONDAREX vacuum die casting system), 800T dual action extrusion press, Semi-continuous casting equipment, Low pressure casting equipment, Welding equipment, 200T presses, Magnesium alloy smelting furnaces, Heat treatment furnaces.

Surface treatment equipment: Integrated micro-arc oxidation and electrophoresis equipment, Salt spray chamber, Electrochemical workstation, CVD

Microstructure analysis equipment: SEM (EDS, EBSD), DSC\TG synchronization thermal analyzer, PDA-7000 Direct reading spectrometer 

Zeiss optical microscopes, Stereo microscopes, High temperature metallurgical microscope

Mechanical performance tests: Electronic universal testing machine, Fatigue testing machine, Friction and wear tester, Low temperature impact testing machine, Thermal expansion coefficient tester, Sclerometer .

Computer simulation: Thermo-Calc alloy designing software, Anycasting molding simulation software system, VASP.